Vacuum for the Sugar industry
components and system optimization for the sugar production
CO2 compressors and vacuum pumps
In sugar factories, the liquid ring pumps are used as liquid ring compressor for the CO2 compression, and as liquid ring vacuum pumps in the cooking station, for drying under vacuum and for the filtration.

We help you to increase the availability and reduce the operating costs:

The efficiency of liquid ring pumps depend of their size and rotating speed. VAKUO pumps are less expensive: spending the same money, you will get a bigger pump, running at lower speed, saving up to 50% of the electrical consumption.

The availability and reliability of your compression and vacuum systems mainly depend from the materials of construction of the pumps and from their rotating speed. For the same price, you will deliver not only a bigger pump, running at lower speed (less wear, less maintenance), but for example a stainless steel cladding of the casing instead of a plastic or rubber coating.

VAKUO single-stage vacuum pumps:
up to 30,000 m3 / h at approx. 100 mbarA (-90 KPa)

VAKUO single-stage liquid ring compressors: up to 24,000 m3 / h at approx. 3 bar

VAKUO CO2 compressors are reliable and oil-free: contamination of the juice is impossible.

VAKUO pumps are the most economical and reliable solution for the vacuum filter, in the washing area.

VAKUO vacuum pumps and compressors are simply reliable.
liquid ring vacuum pumps
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