The CNN-range combines the advantages of the good old CL-design with the VAKUO features.
CVP pumps are larger single stage vacuum pumps with conical ports: accepting carryovers (solid or liquid at the inlet) and taking advantage of a huge condensation bonus, reducing the effective volumic flow to handle.
The CE1- & CEP-pumps are flat-sided (axial distribution) with port plates including a valve for a constant efficiency for the whole range of vacuum.
Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps
VAKUO manufacture pumps up to 500 m³/min
more than 100 pumps in stock !
a large number of vacuum pumps (types and sizes mainly for the paper industry) are available from our warehouse near Frankfort, Germany.

Those vacuum pumps in stock are new pumps and also used pumps (we offer repair, spare parts and reconditioned / refurbished pumps).
stock pumps
"bolt-on"-replacement - our CNN-pumps are interchangeable with the CL-range :
same performances and same outline dimensions, no modifications of foundations, no modifications of the inlet and discharge piping - we will use the existing manifolds.

Advantages are, as a standard for all CNN vacuum pumps:
- Partition wall for split-vacuum
- Packing Gland in stainless steel
- Removable bearing brackets
- 20 blades rotor
- etc..

Advantages of the CNN-range
A main advantage of the CNN vacuum pumps are the removable bearing brackets.

removable bearing brackets of a CNN-vacuum pump
CVP-range of vacuum pumps

Capacity: up to 400 m³/mn
Vacuum : up to 100 mbarA
(compressor up to 2 barA)

CVP-range of vacuum pumps

available in 6 sizes and 3 versions
CVP-50 : 9.500 m³/h
CVP-60 : 11.000 m³/h
CVP-80 : 15.500 m³/h
CVP-90 : 18.000 m³/h
CVP-110 : 22.000 m³/h
CVP-130 : 24.000 m³/h

depending of the suction pressure
L = Low vacuum
500 to 1000 mbarA, or up to -50 KPa
M= Medium vacuum
300 to 600 mbarA, or up to -70 KPa
H = High vacuum
100 to 300 mbarA, or up to -90 KPa

CE1-.. CEP range of vacuum pumps

Capacity: up to 500 m³/min
Vacuum : up to 50 mbarA
(compressor up to 2 barA)
CE1-.. CEP range of vacuum pumps

CE1- pumps are interchangeable with the 2BE1 range.
The standard materials combination includes a cast iron casing.

CEP- pumps are interchangeable with the 2BE3 and 2BE4 range. Instead of a polyisoprene lining we can offer for new pumps and at affordable price a stainless steel cladding (AISI304) of the casing providing a protection against corrosion and erosion.

Vacuum systems
VAKUO supply all components required for a larger vacuum system: from the pre-separator to the discharge silencer or skid-mounted vacuum units
barometric type or fitted with an extraction pump
Learn more
Cooling towers
cooling towers
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V-belt drive
V-belt drive
Skid-mounted vacuum units
Take advantage of a partnership
We help you to maintain a competitive advantage through the implementation of simple, reliable and cost effective solutions.
  • we optimize your existing vacuum system
    The „vacuum audit" of your system helps to collect data in view of the analysis and optimization:
    Save energy: a better vacuum with less KW is possible !
  • High Quality, attractive pricing
    and short delivery time
    Each pump was tested in the factory ; we keep many pumps in stock in our warehouse in Germany.
  • Professional project management
    with an experienced team
    Professional project management with an experienced team
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